embroiderbear for sasha

i'm really happy with how this guy turned out. i hope the recipient loves him too. i wanted him to look a bit like a balancing circus bear or carnival bear... but still somewhat realistic and wild. he's on a vintage embroidered runner, and his body is an applique of part of an old quilt that someone else cut up (i can never classify an old quilt as a 'cutter'! i have a hard enough time even cutting the scraps.) so he's an applique' of patchwork. i guess i'm leading up to making a patchwork beast, where the patches and seams define the boundaries of the animal... i love that idea, but one step at a time.


  1. again...just a great bear. he has all the
    qualities bears do...bigness, the possibility
    of exercising great strength at unexpected
    moments, but a gentle heart

  2. those claws just get me. they add so much to the bear. i can see him walking along.

  3. Just gotta say again...after looking again...I love this bear. The stitches that compose his face - perfect!
    Thought of this wonderful book: Story for Bear.
    It is thoughtful and magical.


  4. I love how the embroidered flowers look like the bear is heading towards them on his way to the blackberry patch. A truly wonderful bear.

  5. thank you so much.. your feedback is so heartening. but apparently he's not finished yet... sasha wants more fur!

  6. I'm with Deanna on the claws...the ones on the left are perfect.

    Sorry I haven't answered you about herbs sooner....I have just sent you an email :~)

  7. Oh my goodness ! I AM IN AWE !
    The paws are insanely cute ! He looks like he's shy, or something ... Eeep !
    So jealous of Sasha !
    x x x