it is thursday, isn't it?

so even though i'd had a run of productive days and was feeling wonderful, today isn't so much. my heath is really starting to concern me. i hope to get some stitching in. here's some yarn hanging to dry, waiting to go to Rosemary.

a pile...

a bear in process. he's not how i'm wanting to work these days, but i still like him a lot.

my poor woad will not grow! it has been this size for weeks and weeks and there are only two seedlings left out of dozens.

what is wrong, little woad?

they hatched! mum is nearby.

and here's a blanket that i found at an estate sale, among other cloth. it was hand-woven. it has details that thrill me, including stains and holes. it was woven in two parts and stitched together and then light-blue edging on two sides. i'm appreciating weaving more now that i'm learning about boro.

i read this morning that spinning was a gateway drug to weaving, so it was sure to happen. but up until now, i haven't thought in terms of squares. spinning is about turnings, roundness. but weaving dictates straightnesses. sort of.

what shall i do about this stain? i'd like to patch it, but i'm not sure i'll love the look of one big patch. i'd have to find the perfect fabric. something heavy-ish maybe.

i thought this was mended, but now i think it's just frayed.

held up to the light, striations where some threads are thinner than others.

and Ruthie, my ole girl, hanging around too.


  1. Hope you are alright dear Dru. Sending you lots of 'Get better soon vibarations' Hope it's nothing serious!

  2. Is Ruthie the doggy who was sick during that tornado weekend? She looks sweet. I love your bear!

  3. beautiful bear tip-toeing through the posies!
    feel better.

  4. ♥ old doggies and old blankets ♥

    Sorry to hear you're not feeling 100%. I hope it's something that can be worked through.

    I have a couple of simple beginner/kiddie type looms, which I have hidden in the back of the closet because they frighten me! Embroidery is what caused me to get all hot 'n' bothered about needing to learn to weave. For some reason, I think of weaving as sort of the "ultimate" fiber craft.

    (also: red white & blue patchwork embroiderbear. so excellent!)

  5. thanks everyone... i am gonna get some good rest this weekend ... and stitch and watch buffy.

    ms. becky, no, that was another doggie! we have a number of geriatrics around here!

  6. Hope the rest and buffy does the trick. I'm having the same problem with Echinacea as you are with your woad....it's not at all happy. Lovely find ~ that holed, stained blanket. Your bear, the chicks and Ruthie are beautiful. I love your words about spinning and weaving ~ circles and squares. Also love the mood you capture in your photos.

  7. Hoping you are feeling betterer Dru! Love the blanket and embroiderbear.