more fur

sasha wanted more fur on her bear, and i have to say, she was right! i tend to stop when i am pleased with a piece, partly because i like delicate, half-there stitcheries, but also out of fear of ruining or overdoing. but sometimes continuing is the thing. he's more shaggy now and bear-like, more There, especially since i added some handspun wool which adds a lot of texture. and the stitching balances out the patchwork better now.

but how do you know when a piece is done, or when one more stitch is Too Much? i do love seeing the progression, like he has emerged from my dreams. at some point if i keep on stitching, maybe he would lumber right out of the fabric and into these woods.


  1. ...i like him with more "fur"!
    ~ and i think pieces tell us when they are ready for presentation:)

    strikingly "hand"some embroidery bear!
    xo, Rosemary

  2. Yup, definitely better. The good thing about stitching as opposed to painting is that it's easier to go back. But in all media it's good to take time to "sit and gaze upon the work", a very important part of the process where the path becomes clear.

  3. Woah ! He looks stunning ! More realistic, I'd say !

    (But I must confess I liked him better with less fur. But that is silly ol' me)

    You're so friggin' talented. I miss you.
    x x x

  4. it does look very life like. love it.

  5. He is coming out of the screen at me now Drucilla....yes, more 'there', and incredibly, gorgeously, huggable. Love it.