another beginning

i'm starting my elder cloth with another cloth...

this is the vintage lap quilt that i was thinking about. i'm glad that now that i've unearthed it, i love it as much as i thought i would for this project. it reminds me of elderberry's colours, and those two white patches are the light in her eyes. and then it's a bit like the blankie i was knitting for her, and reminds me of a saddle blanket, except that the blocks are irregular. there isn't a lot of quilting but there are little holes and tears and staining.

i'm not sure yet if i want to take it apart and make it larger, or just mainly mend and embellish it in its current size. the size is really nice, and not too cumbersome. i guess i will need to take it apart in any event, and decide whether to keep the batting or not, although i'll hate to remove those hand stitches.

*thanks deanna7trees for the tips on needlefelting!


  1. this is a wonderful quilt. a perfect beginning. somewhere jude had a video about working/building on worn quilts...

  2. i had written you a loooooooooong thing the other day about Elderberry's cloth and i guess i skipped the part where you repeat the
    image of the word because when i went back
    it wasn't there. just as well, probably, but
    the essence of it was that maybe her cloth
    would be about her, but also about just
    what it was like
    and i look at this quilt and see that you
    already knew that
    i think it's going to be really really
    beauty Full........

  3. i gotta find that video!

    grace i wonder what happened to your post? i hope blogger didn't lose what you wrote! that's happened to some of cindy's comments too. i would have loved to read it.. this is exactly what i need to learn, how to 'see' with the heart...

  4. Wow...Drucilla, I've just read your comment...that you need to learn how to 'see' with the heart....but you do already....your whole blog is filled with it from my perspective...that is how I 'see' you.

    This cloth is perfect.

  5. no...re lost comment...i think i just forgot
    to click that thing at the bottom. think it was just me.
    but helen/buzz is right....you already do.
    maybe it's to see that.
    the cloth above, again, perfect. and also
    i can see Elder integrated with what this
    cloth is...it's going to be magnificant.

  6. I adore this cloth. And because it is old, when I read Elder cloth, I thought of so many elders I have known and this cloth looks worn and well-loved and full of history and stories...and just right for adding more stories to - your story of Elderberry and you. This shall be wonderful.