here's the blanket pattern that i started knitting for ms. elderberry. it's from a cute book called Pet Projects.

it looks like i had finished four blocks and almost a fifth. i love the ideas posted in the comments about felting part of what i had knitted, but i don't think it's possible because the yarn is (horrors!) acrylic. still, i like the bucking bronco block, and some of the others, so i want to figure out a way to incorporate it if possible. i've never noticed knitting stitched directly on top of fabric, can it look good?

i've also been thinking about this one old quilt that i have tucked away. something about it keeps popping in my head for this project... it's lovely as old quilts are, but it's not really *special* and it needs some repairs. plus, it's not that big, maybe four feet by six or something like that. i wonder about using this as a base for my magic elder cloth. perhaps even take it apart or extend it.

one reason that i haven't done more in the way of learning to quilt is that i have a nice collection going of old beauties, and mum is always finding a tattered lovely at an estate sale for an irresistible bargain (she is magic that way). but the idea of taking one that needs help and and transforming it into something very personal and meaningful is appealing.. but i have to look and think on it... i am usually so loathe to cut into something i already love. off to scour the armoire and other stashes...


  1. i believe your acrylic yarn will work with needle felting (tho not with wet felting). try needle felting it over a thin piece of wool fabric. i have used knitted pieces in bags in combination with fabric that were given as gifts.

  2. i think with enough layers of fabric & determination you can make anything work! love the bronco. my grandma was a cowgirl.

  3. thank you both! yes, i will try that deanna, that's so good to know. just need the perfect piece of thin wool... must be something laying around...