i went to take pics of today's tdf yarn, and i can't find my camera!! freaky-freak... anyhoo here are some afternoon hipstamatics..

this will look so much better with my other camera... could not capture the great 80s colours..

a drawer full o'lettuce.

my light green hydrangea, planted last year, and coming into full bloom. it is so big and full and right outside my window.

i've wanted dahlias for *so* *long* and now they are growing bigger by the day.

the dye garden is doing pretty well, actually. cleaning the rabbit cages yesterday seems to have turbo-charged it. i'm such a novice gardener, so the smallest growth thrills me.


  1. oh, the 80's...can't wait to see it in full color...will it have big bangs?

  2. Isn't being a novice gardener exciting...some of our peas are ready...they are so ~sweet~

    Happy gardening and I hope you find your camera...I'd be lost without ours too.