one of my favorite things

someone unknown to me cross-stitched twelve eagles and quilted them. eleven eagles face one way, and the bottom left one is the mirror image. the quilt needs some tlc. it has many small tears and some staining. but overall it's quite strong, and lovely.

i love india's post today.


  1. This is absolutely insane ! And perfect !
    And insanely perfect !
    I love it in every way ...
    x x x

  2. very cool, i'm working on a repair job tonight, too.
    trivia of the day...just googled eagle directions & found info saying that in 1945 Truman had the eagle in the pres. seal changed to face right- the direction of "honor" and towards the olive branches for peace, rather than the left, arrows symbolizing war.

  3. m, i've missed you so!! i'm so glad you came back to visit <3

    c, that is so interesting! left or right, these eagles all face the olive branches. i wonder if she knew.

  4. My guess is that the stitcher first drew the "lonely eagle". Then copied it and reproduced it on the other fabric pieces. So they all are a mirror-image reproduction. See what I mean ?

    (I never stopped visiting, love. I just felt too boring to comment ...)