always something to stitch

wondering what to work on, and then looked down..

starting a bit today, and more tomorrow, i'm moving my studio back to the hotel... i haven't been working there this summer for lots of reasons - there was a storm that blew off the roof, then there was the heat, then sarah hosted a show. slowly all my projects moved home. but now there's more space, and we have a new plan to expand and inhabit the whole space, just the two of us.

i'll miss the gentleness and comfort of working at home, but i was happier when i was at the hotel. less isolated. more productive, more creative. more able to find what i'm looking for and be inspired by materials (and protect them from moths and mice). and the kitty-energy, it's completely different from the dog love at home. the new environment will enable a different sort of continuing... i'm excited to get set up and unearth my stash, and see everything again with new eyes.


  1. Sounds like the time is right - enjoy.

  2. i hope you'll share your new space with us. hello to miss hadley.

  3. I'm so so glad that you're moving back to HH <3
    x x x

  4. just catching up on my blog feed. :D i loved the reference to "kitty energy." i always feel so much better when my cat joins me in my studio. free to sniff and wander and come for quick cuddles (or to steal my chair for attention) every so often to remind me I'm not alone down there. so much love and coexistence in it. <3