under wraps

i love wrapping etsy packages..
this one was for my dear lisa.
she loves beautiful trimmings as much as i do.

seemingly lots of changes afoot these days.
with hub's business, my own studio time and then traveling around..
but i'm home for awhile and busy with my fingers in many pots. just like i like it.


  1. Wow. You put as much artistry into your wrappings as you do into what is inside. Love this!

  2. your packages are always so pretty. hope today brought some peace within the changes.

  3. so right you are and such a dreamy photo Drucilla.. though you should have posted a photo of the delicious lovelies inside! many thanks...xo

    traveling can be tiring and it always feels so good to nest at home...especially when the days get colder and darker...