what's inside

this handmade doll body, picked up by mum to go with an antique china head that she had also found, had a surprising interior.. not sawdust or excelsior or cotton... but tightly rolled-up old quilt pieces. we don't want to take the body apart to examine it... but are enjoying how it's peeking out from its sutures..

if i know mum, soon she'll have her head attached and be prettily dressed and very dignified once again.

i'm discovering much about the interior journey lately. still feeling a bit pre-verbal but hopefully i'll be able to share more with you soon.


  1. What an amazing find inside the body. I wouldn't be able to resist opening all the pieces of quilting!xjust come to your blog for first time..have subscribed!xxlynda

  2. Carolyn Upton MillerDecember 15, 2011 at 3:08 AM

    How interesting to find. Guess back in those days, you used whatever you had. Beautiful china head. Looks like shes in good condition too.

  3. Hi Dru, I'm trying to be adventurous by TRYING to leave comments on special blogs. Thankyou for your lovely comments over at Sew Forum ox.,, Really love the lambs, will they get very big? The doll body could tell a few stories I reckon. A French syle body if I'm not mistaken, and oh what a beautiful doll!! Hope your Mum has fun putting her together. I was a porcelain dollmaker for about 25 years and taught for about 15 years, so I love old dolls and most things associated with them. Wigmaking, shoemaking, costume making etc. Cheerio from Marg. ox

  4. what a wonderful discovery. you two are very good, i know i'd probably dismantle her out of curiosity. that head looks like she knows a thing or two.

  5. This is overwhelmingly beautiful; this is such a work of spontaneity and understanding of stitch and cloth. Thank you for putting this up here, I suppose I'll be thinking of it all day!