just a little stitching last night on a thrifted flax linen shirt. it's actually deep purplish brown, eggplant, aubergine colour. not as blue as it looks in these pics. possibly the beginnings of a kimoodie. inspired by grace, and of course, jude. i know i'm going to line it so that it's layered and warmer. and then add some beasts so that my friends are with me.


  1. oh EEEEEEEEEEEEEE i got so excited, i forgot
    what i was going to say!!!!
    YES, it works now!!!
    i got all interested by your adding beasts...
    i am just wearing my similar one...working on
    the big cloth so maybe you will inspire me
    to go forward....
    oh...so glad i can comment...thanks, Dru

  2. I am looking for a shirt to do this as well. :) I can not wait to see how your beasts emerge.