spinning into the season

some custom spins for a local who also wants lessons! what is it i was just saying about teaching? the blog is such a powerful tool for focusing our intentions - even if i mostly just ask questions! it's still putting it out there. and i'll get to follow jude's awesome "do it" comment, even though it's lost now. that woman packs the wisdom. but it was there for a day or two, you might have even seen it.

so a number of weeks worth of comments have gone missing. i'm pretty upset with blogger for somehow changing my comment settings so that no-one could comment (thanks so much grace for telling me!) but in trying to fix it, i deleted the thingymawidget that i had installed to allow threaded comments. and that's what lost everyone's comments. they weren't actually part of blogger, they were part of "intense debate" or whatever, so now they are just gone. i spent more than a day messing with wordpress and debating the merits of various blogging platforms.. i haven't decided anything yet, i still like my little blog and it feels like home. so it's not that huge of a thing i guess, but..

i really love comments! so thank you for each and every one. even if they aren't here now.

update **thanks to my wonderful mentor mathyld, i've replaced some of the comments manually, from my emails, with your names and url's. the dates and times are still wrong. but yay!


  1. such lusciousness in your images. you'll just gather new comments. it will be ok.

  2. Such beautiful, Real fiber...it looks alive!
    I agree with Deanna- no worries on the comments, there will be many more.
    But I know what you mean about considerations for blogging platforms. Seems I used up all my alloted photo space in less than one years time! I did go through and clean out photos that got loeaded into the blog and not used. Of course, that project wouldn't have been complete without my deleting some I didn't mean to! Drat! Way too time consuming :(
    I'm not in a position to pay for more, so I'm feeling confused about all of this. And I love photos, so it's put a real damper on my desire to post til I figure it out more. Maybe after the holidays.

  3. Love that yarn! I wish I'd learned to spin sooner, but I probably wasn't ready yet. Needed the right person to teach me a few things... :)

  4. love these pictures!

  5. i think i see faces in that 2nd one! "alive" - yes! so gorgeous and wanting to be touched.

  6. yes, it has been a most challenging year with blogger, to say the least!
    and i was wondering why i couldn't leave a comment, unless i jumped through so many hoops, only to be sent back with NO COMMENT either!!
    whew, so happy you somehow fixed it:)
    but seriously,
    spin it, and we will come ~ LOL!!
    xo, Rosemary