gather ye

mum and i are fascinated with old-time recipes for making rose beads. this is our first, experimental batch. the rose petals are to be ground every day and left to sit in cast iron for two weeks. then they should be a paste to roll into beads. roses seem to be in my future, since while thrifting we also found a book on antique roses of the south, rose-gardening gloves and pruning shears. i planted one bush last year and will add one or two more every year until i am old and surrounded.

the flue has delayed my homegoing and new year to-dos.. although i did stich a bone yesterday. trying to just relax and enjoy blogland, sleep, and dreams of rose bushes, hips and beads.


  1. What a nifty craft! I need to dig the two roses left at my house for you.

  2. even the flu sounds good with your photos, words & makings.

  3. honey the trick to roses is in the bed and how you treat them in the winter...

    my mama grew close to 40 roses...most survived from year to year...she spent hours in them a day...

    i'll try to find a picture, but anyway she spent a long long time researching them and how to grow them properly because when you get up into it they aren't cheap.

    i'll ask her some of her tips but i know that she dug a gigantic bed...layering with rocks and sand that went down many many feet...

  4. becky, i'd love to come over and rustle your roses! i passed your old house a while back on my way to a baking thing.

    serena, i've heard some about the bed but please share what to do for them in winter!! i've watched youtube videos that just say sun and water, which can't be enough. i'd love to see a photo of your mama and her garden.

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  6. Oh dear...I see that I did not do my research, D.P. Now I see that you were awarded the Liebster just last month!

  7. patricia! i'm very flattered, but yes! did you want to pass it along to another lovely blogger?? thank you so much tho.

  8. I've never heard of rose beads. Hmmm. I am very interested to see how these come out.