more yarn nests

i'm loving playing with yarn nests and batt nests, and imagining all sorts of variants for spring.

but oh my, i've been moving my studio all week. finally claiming a room of my own at home. i'll miss the hotel and seeing sarah in our shared space, but i just don't seem to be one of those people who work well in a studio outside the home. i'm too nocturnal, too disorganized. plus the kitty has settled right in at home, and it's so nice having her here. there is a crazy amount of stuff everywhere and it'll take me a while to dig out.

and.. cindy and i have the most amazing news. are we ready to spring it on the world?


  1. I love these nests, so soft and welcoming :) And news with Cindy...Mmmm...wonder what that could be?!!

  2. i don't know....i'm not quite believing it yet!

  3. These are just gorgeous...now I'm very curious!

  4. WHAT WHAT WHAT??????????????????????
    hurry AND TELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i'm in love with your nests and eggs, dru! and i FINALLY posted photos of your beautiful yarn. thank you again!

  6. eeeeeek!!! i've been wanting to play around with nests for ages. this is incredible!!! :::

  7. Hello, I did not realize this is your blog. I'm buying a nest with eggs from you on etsy. I found out about your blog from Jude. How exciting, I can follow your work.

    1. hi sue! that's great, i'm so glad you found me!!