i left my home in georgia

i think the new home studio is going to be productive.
i did more work yesterday than i have in ages.

this is a hard piece for me, my old homeplace.
i could hardly bear to leave it.
i still can't think about it without hurting.
so i'm stitching it.
and the cloth takes it, and holds it and keeps it.

this is just the beginning, and with bits of cloth from cindy and nancy.

ps...i'm going to new hampshire in august to study with india!


  1. Wow, cool. I just got India's book second Skin yesterday. A workshop with her would be just fabulous.

  2. I live in Georgia now and miss my New York every single day.

    1. i guess that's always the way.. although it isn't georgia i miss, just that place that was home.

  3. Oh Dru, I know how it is to miss home, a place. This start looks great. So nice to see you enjoying (even if bittersweet subject) the fabrics. Have fun this summer :)

  4. dru...the cloth is wonderfull and it is always
    that way for me...i can ask anything of
    cloth and thread....

    and about going to India's workshop...i am
    SOOOOOOOO Happy for you and Cindy!!! and
    look so forward to hearing you tell every
    single little detail...this is just so GREAT!

    1. thank you so much for sharing our excitement!!!! we so wish you would join us!!!

  5. Replies
    1. thank you jude, most of the credit is yours! and yes, you will be seeing me!! yayyyy!

  6. hey Dru

    hope that you soon feel settled in, it is hard rerooting yourself, I know.

  7. It happened to me once to have this excruciating pain in me and I took a cloth and put my feelings in it, as you are doing.
    All the best in your new environment.

  8. I just found your blog today by happy accident & felt compelled to leave a comment as this post resonates so strongly with me. I left my home in England to move to the US last summer & have been stitching 'home' ever since. Your words really caputured how I feel, so poignant.

  9. well how darn exciting! this is just awesome.