what's really going on...

intakes and outtakes of my usual late-afternoon etsy photo shoot..

Castro, our oldest great-great grandpa rooster, has taken to hanging out on the front porch, sometimes roosting on the futon which is outdoors at the moment, sometimes crouched right in front of the door, sometimes snacking on doggie leftovers. I think his wife was swiped by one of his kin, and he figures he's in his retirement. It's nice having him close.

At the very bottom you might spy Victor, our last remaining goose. He misses his brother and gazes longingly into the barbecue grill where I think he sees his reflection.


  1. oh, victor!
    sounds like Castro has found a good retirement roost.

  2. awww.. why don't you get him another brother goose? :)

    1. i'm trying!! they aren't that easy to find... but one friend might have some goslings this spring. or maybe i could order from one of those hatcheries?!