Gretta's haircut

i'm still loving shearing. the other day we finally got ahold of Ms. Gretta, the trickiest of the four-leggeds around here. hands were in use, so no photos of us, but i continued to bliss out with it, and i think i'm already improving. here's her fleece laid out for skirting and i've labeled it so you can see where the parts came from...

unreal that all that came off one little sheepie, isn't it?!

she has long, primitive Shetland locks. i love spinning this sort of wool.

and here is the clean and beautiful cut side... almost no second cuts!

her wool is a gorgeous gingery colour, called mioget in Shetland parlance.

for my master spinner's certificate, one of the projects is to spin and knit up a swatch from each part of the sheep!! so i sorted it into these piles to be washed and prepped. should be mega-interesting!

there's also belly wool and that's another category, but there wasn't a whole lot of that and it's outside the frame...


  1. looks like lots of fiber fun to me!

    1. i think i missed your birthday lisa!! happy happy! and thanks so much for that extra little bundle along with all the other beauties :D

  2. I have visited...
    I have learned...
    Will follow the story!