Cindy:s Core

I feel so lucky to have Cindy:s Core sitting here next to me as I stitch. This piece of Cindy:s is going to be featured at the upcoming show at the Hotel Hadley Studios, see the flyer below.

I couldn:t resist photographing Core to show it off here, and for when I have to send it back.. all this heart-full and intricate art work done by our Cindy of Handstories...


  1. i am overwhelmed with your sweetness and beautiful photos! so thrilled to be a part of your show, glad to share core with you & so very deeply grateful that you have become a part of my core. xox

  2. Most excellent. "Our Cindy"...so sweet & so touching.

  3. I would like so much to visit this exhibition, if all the works are as interesting as the one that Cindy made, it would be worth the trip from Tuscany!