Our Moon

Here's a sneak peek of the moon in Cindy's Core which I have my greedy paws on... more soon!

And the pink moon last night, which coincided with my first real, official shop update. I even got all fancy and made a newsletter announcing it (subscribe here!) It went so well, I'm swamped with orders, which makes me happy, happy.

It was cool how many instagrammers were shooting the moon last night, that same moon.
Like Grace said, it's really Something.

And despite a setback in my plan for blue immersion, I'm still dipping..

I've not usually dyed angora. I only want to work with natural dyes, and the natural colours of the rabbits seem plenty interesting to me. I read that the luxuriousness of the angora fiber can be sort of at odds aesthetically with the earthiness of natural dyes - whereas on wool it is rustic and lovely. And on the whole, I have tended to agree...
But with indigo, it's a wholly different matter.
Indigo-dyed angora = magic.
The fiber is from Alvin.


  1. what a treat & honor to be here! you and your blues & moon are "really Something". love to you.

  2. Dru- For a reason I can't quite state, this post made me very happy. Not only happy for you and how so much goodness is surrounding you, but just calming happy. Congrats with the shop stuff!

  3. gorgeous gorgeous shade of blue yarn! WOW!