i remember this day

i was five.  i remember going out to the truck that morning thinking,
i'm five.
that would have been 1973.
this was in luce park in kansas city, where we're from.
i always loved going to luce park because i could feed the ducks and swans.
they are still there, too.  but where am i?  who is this child?

that's mum and papa in the foreground, in their matching white shoes.  
so strange looking at mum's face at that age because
it's my face, looking out at me.
and next to her is mrs. watson, the mother of my little friends
michael and miriam watson, who are sitting on the other side of me.
funny we are eating KFC.
that was a birthday food of choice again not so long ago.
my disgruntled older siblings are at the other end of the table.
seems like some weird energy down there, or maybe that's how i remember it.
although my sweet brother nick, on the end, always the photographer.
he took that pic of me, and he recently sent me these.
this wasn't too long before we moved to florida, i think.
papa is being released from the hospital today, after two weeks.


  1. yay for papa's recovery and return home!
    I have similar musings when I see a photo of another me in another time. I think the essence of who we are is there from the very beginning, somehow changing and growing and yet remaining the same.
    I see you in that little girl, and in your mama too. how cool is that??
    KFC and McDonalds were special treats in our family.. it wasn't quite the demon food it is now. xo

    1. SO COOL laura!! thank you love. i still do enjoy some kfc every now and again.

  2. such an ENDEARING post dru...it hit home in my heart today, such bitter sweetness, thank you! xo

    1. i'm so glad you thought so wanda!! thank you for reading! xxo

  3. Replies
    1. yes grace, when i wrote this post i was thinking about your pics of the small creature with eyes!!

  4. Old pictures of me and my family make me sad, I do not have fond memories of the past.
    You look so pretty in these pictures, although you seem a little surprised: wondering what will come from life?

    1. oh blandina, i'm sorry your memories don't bring you pleasure. for some reason i remember the bad times much better than the good.

      thank you for the sweet compliment! i think i was just annoyed that my pic was being taken :)