Burn the Log, O Fire!

Hope everyone had a Merry Yule and Happy Christmas!!

My short-term plan is to be getting back to fiber soon.
As soon as I get back home, around the 8th.
I want to focus on natural dyes and battsss.
I have some theories as to why I had to stop stitching, for a time anyway,
and one is summed up in these lyrics to a Papa Roach song:

I tear my heart open
I sew myself shut
My weakness is
That I care too much

and the Scars remind us
that the past is Real
I tear my heart open
just to feel.

And btw, check out this interview with me on Spin Artiste!


  1. may heaps of creative energies come your way this new year! looking forward to your next endeavours

  2. what a great interview Drucilla thank you for sharing!

  3. i have loved your natural color and batt combos...very happy to hear this news. i have often been told that i need to care less...but how? love to you.

  4. I love these lyrics, I too am one who cares too much and I carry around my scars...
    The antidote is creativity, I am looking forward to what you will be doing next.
    Happy New Year Drucilla.