Spoke too soon...

well, carp. the house thing isn't going to work out.  so we're back to where we were, which is staying put here in our farmhouse. this is a pic i took a couple of yules ago. the ladder's been moved, i'm pretty sure, but it looks much the same and i've always liked this pic.

yesterday i was completely heartbroken, but i talked myself into loving our old house again.  poor ole farmhouse has been good to us and just needs some tlc.  and in many ways, it's better because it's ours, we know it, and we've put so much into it already.  
maybe pinteresting farmhouses instead of cottages would help.  
maybe it just needs a name. 
and then there's the woods.  i would so miss the woods.

and over the last four years, the sheep and donkeys have pretty much made themselves a pasture.  not 13 acres of pasture, but enough.  and we could always fence more woods.  still less expensive than putting in new fencing at the other place.  

i'm thinking of passing on the stove too, even though i wanted it almost as much as that other house!  but one thing i forgot is that they need to be set on stone.  and i'm not sure i'm up for re-doing the kitchen floor here right now, even though it needs to be done eventually.  laika (the wolf-dog) has torn up the linoleum.  she is such a destroyer.  but she's finally a year old, so we are hoping that she learns some manners soon.  
so we could tile the floor, which would be nicer anyway, and then get the stove.  there's already a hole in the wall for it and everything (and this one isn't from laika!)
hmm, thinking..

thanks everyone for the lovely congrats on the move.  i'm just going to backdate them about four years and pretend we are re-moving in here.


  1. Not sure what happened…but just remember that there are just a few curveballs that could cause permanent damage to a force like you. Most of the time you can bend and then get back on your feet soon. Keep your family and yarn close. Everything will be fine. Happy Holidays!

  2. enjoy your beautiful home all over again & the Solstice & Best Wishes for much wonderment in the New Year!

  3. peace...and love...drucilla
    these things are crazy and they remind us...to stop and fall in love, with what is ours. So sorry for the setback.
    Think...new beginning and creative energy in your cabin/farmhouse in the woods.

  4. Oh well, there is a reason for everything, sometimes we do not see it but in the long term we understand.
    And you can postpone cooking on a stove, it will work out some day.