we're off!

so it looks like we're moving!
and that has given me reason to blog again.
we're getting a real fixer.  
this'll be my third grownup house and my third fixer, maybe the worst yet!
which makes it the best to my mind.  
i am so excited about making it amazing!

i have always wanted a Tudor cottage
when I was little we would drive around and I would say
"Oh mum, I want *that* one!  someday"  
and this has all the hallmarks:  
she's asymmetrical, cross-gabled, with prominent chimney and rounded door.
and even has a window with diamond-shaped panes!
of course need must get rid of those awful awnings and cutify
with paint and lots of flowers.
the outside doesn't look so bad, but the inside is *rough*
oh, i can't wait.

there are so many pretty trees 
like this luscious sycamore in the front yard.
i'm a little stressed that i haven't found an oak tree there yet.
"dru" means "oak" in old gaelic.
and i've always had them around, they are my protectors.
but there are 13 acres.  
most of them are pasture, which will make our critters very happy.
and rocky loves it, which makes it so special!
we've never chosen a house together.  
and there are lots of woods around.

another signal that this was right:  this is in the hoos.  
which is a variation on another one i have!  

there are so many projects that need to be done.
roof repair (& remove ancient antenna)
scrape and paint windows
replace missing masonry tiles
termite inspection/repair
take down hideous awnings and fix any damage
take off the metal panels blocking the basement windows
(bad for moisture, i'm told)
chimney sweep
unbrick fireplace and get it working
reinforce barn so it doesn't fall down
clean out and haul away junk in barn and workshop (oh my)
(but there looks to be some good stuff in there too)
fencing, fencing, fencing
pull up awful old linoleum (hardwoods underneath!)
figure out what hardwoods need:  sanding, patching etc.
demolish ceiling in one room and replace (water damage)
scrape off popcorn on other ceilings
take down and replace tile in bathrooms (see about rot or water damage)
new shower heads and faucets
scrounge craigslist etc for appliances 
(mum is furiously trying to talk me out of a wood-burning cookstove)
cover up insulation on patio
install radio fence for doglets

i'm sure there's more but that's my running list!  
i'm leaving off the decorative stuff for now, although that will be the most fun.
so i'm thinking i'll document this massive labor of love here,
along with my journey toward homesteading.
hope you'll visit!


  1. I'm so excited for you! This sounds like an amazing and fulfilling project and it's going to be worth all the hard work :)

  2. what a project!! excited for you and happy you're taking us along for the ride! xo

  3. Congratulations!!! Enjoy that 'to do' list! lol
    Enjoy your new home more :)

  4. I'm so excited for you!!!!! We had a couple of fixederupers. this place looks great and so much land! We'll get you an oak if you can't find one!

  5. Oh this is wonderful! Yes, a new home is such a blank slate, full of so many possibilities.