meet wolfie, in liminal space

this is wolfie.  
he emerged as part of a very unique and interesting commission.

i'm finally home, but everything is in limbo
papa's cancer has interrupted life as we know it.
we've been through it before, but not like this.

the funniest, most precious moment lately:
doctor, to my papa:  "do you know where you are?"
papa:  "on that lady's ranch."
doctor:  "what do you do for a living?"
papa:  "retired"
doctor:  "what did you do for a living?"
papa:  "cowhand."
doctor:  "what is a cowhand?"
papa:  "a person who takes care of cattle."

mama and i were flabbergasted.  
did he get this from gene autry movies?
or from a past life?
i think the doctor thought he was joking at first, but he was totally serious.

we're going to see the work that's been done on the house tomorrow,
the new roof and plumbing.
but as it turns out, we may not move there.
there's just too much going on.
ah well.
yippee calle, mufukkas!


kitchen: before

while i'm waylaid i thought i could show you
the sad little kitchen and breakfast nook.
stuck in 1998, or long before.
i have taken down the curtains and scrubbed and scraped
grease from the cabinets.
everything is vaguely yellowed.

the gas man told us that the man who used to live here
stayed right in the kitchen next to the gas heater.
this is where he lived
he didn't use much of the house
and he was a good man.
i wonder if he died here.

progress is being made in my absence, the roof is almost done.
the plumbing needed help too.
and we had the guy do some other sundries for good measure.
i can't wait to get home and see the progress
and start DIYing
and dyeing my pieces for the Fall show in Hillsborough
have i told you about that?  i will soon.



this was one of the loveliest, most thoughtful gifts ever
a vase from my friend Susan
who is an amazingly talented sculptor and potter
and yes, with violets on it
it's the first object of ours that I brought into the house.

work on the house is Happening
the new roof, and work on the plumbing
but i've been waylaid
we learned today that my darling father has the cancer, again.
so it might be some time before i'm back
making this house into Home
or making the rounds in blogland
but i do miss you all.