bats and barbarella

from a 1968 Life magazine i had laying around. i think i bought it (ages ago) because that's the year i was born and it seemed auspicious. such a fun time capsule. plus i love bats! and barbarella too.


  1. I LOVE Barbarella! I used to be a MAJOR Duran Duran fan (we'll see if that is revived once the new album comes out...), so because I that obsession, and my love of cheezy sci-fi movies (especially from the 60's), Barbarella is like the perfect movie! I have a framed black and white photo from the set of the movie where she is lying on the beach and it looks like a guy using a light meter or something. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. vetkat, would you like this mag? it might get eaten by mice if it stays here, which would be a shame. if you want it, send your addy to spotteddogfarm@gmail.com.

  3. *ONLY* if you're sure you want to part with it! :-) I would hate to see it eaten my rodents, so I'd be happy to save it. But like I said, only if you want! My address is on it's way to your e-mail. Thanks!! ♥