ragtime outtakes

today was kind of a bust owing to some icky news this morning that hub's place-of-business was vandalized... so useless angry feelings and phone time with insurance people...

i did accomplish *some* stuff this weekend (our weekends are sunday/monday), like doing my hair colour (not perfect, but it'll do with a hat..), the usual agonizing over my life's Work, a lot of catch-up on sleep and miss marple, mexican food, turkey time and ragtime.


  1. Oh yes--Agonizing. I have been doing a great deal of that lately. I seem to walk around the studio in Ever Tightening Circles until I am not sure what project to Start. I think Time is bothering me. My friend told me that Venus is in retrograde as well-for about a month now, and that until Nov 18th profit, beauty and art will all be Wanting... does that help? I love to blame things completely out of my control!! Sorry about your Husband's biz--that is such a drag---I hope it doesn't cost a fortune..

  2. there must be something up with the planets! Ever Tightening Circles is such a good description for the orbit i've been in as well. and Venus in retrograde sounds like the perfect reason to cuddle up with books & netflix until Nov. 18..

    in the meantime, do you have any hair tips? my hair is really kind of fucked-up orangey now and i would love to go platinum..