cosy friends

No-one can make a care package like Mathyld. Yummy teas from her mum's tearoom, lunar oil and the pièce de résistance, this special talisman she created with magical gemstones and a vintage vial. My favorite stone is the rutilated quartz, with its glints of gold, but each gem has a particular energy and we chose this one for me together. I'm so glad it is here to help protect me from the flus and fatigues I've been having... Thank you, ma soeur!

..and I'm so proud to have an original papercut by the very talented and dear Chad, Mon Petit Fantome. It's titled "As Rabbit's Spirit Began To Pass, He Told Us The Final Secret". It reminds me of when Hazel passes at the end of Watership Down. So beautiful it gives me major weepies.

Miss Hadley is finally adjusting and acting more like a cat than a scared, starved creature... she's finally scratching, playing even, cuddling and snoozing in the sun.


  1. Your photos are beautiful, Drucilla ! I am glad that you love your talisman.
    And I'm flattered to be featured with this beautiful, moving papercut by our sweet Chad.

    I am happy that Miss Hadley is feeling better. What a beaut' !
    x x x

  2. lovely! this piece of Chad's work makes me think of Watership Down which really is too sad to read or watch but is incredible and lovely... as is Chad's work. it's a long sentence day.

  3. Oh! That papercut is so wonderful!!

  4. I had to come back for "major weepies" "As Rabbit's Spirit Began To Pass, He Told Us The Final Secret"