We're on again

Ok so strangely we are back on, I mean off, to the cottage!  So that means cottage bloggin!  I had fallen in love with another house in the meantime, it was quite lovely, but really, it was too far.  I know some friends will wonder how it could be too far and this one not, because they really are both far.  But this one is about 1/4 the price, so it seems not as far!  And only about half the distance from where we are now, so renovating and moving don't seem like as much of a thing.   It will be far for some friends, but when you live in the country, you get used to driving, if you want to go anywhere, that is.  And the friends I've made so far in NC are PRECIOUS.

I'm sure you remember the to-do list.  Maybe I should put it on the sidebar to keep it handy.  I think I'll edit that one rather than re-doing periodically.  I did get the stove too!!  And there's a car that comes with the house, weird.  I'll have to tell you about the neighbors one of these days...

The closing isn't until the 24th
so we won't get started in earnest until then.  
Plenty of time to dream and pin.

A facebook friend had thought these tea leaves suggested I'd be moving to (or near) Virginia, but now I see that it meant moving to the Violet Loop!

Oh and come visit my new Tarot Tumblr!


  1. Replies
    1. aw dearie, it's not, it's the other one, but i hope lots of slumber parties and camping parties are in the offing!!!

    2. there's a guest room in my house with your name on it... xo

  2. this is so very exciting...looking forward to watching & hearing about you ticking things off your list! & i forgot to ask about how you fanagled the stove?!